Go back to school to feel young again

Go back to school to feel young again

I remember back in my college days, watching some seniors attend classes at Florida State University. At the time I was like, “why in the hell are these old people going to class… it’s not going to do anything for them.”

Boy was I wrong.

Learning and keeping your mind engaged is one of the keys to living a longer life. It will also make you feel young again. We have to remember it’s never to late to learn or do something new. I’ve always said that, “We Should Always be Learning.”

So if your a senior and not sure what to do, go to your local public university and sign up for some courses that interest you. Maybe a hobby like painting, or maybe follow up on what your occupation used to be, and learn how things have changed. No matter what courses you take, your mind will be reinvigorated, and you will feel much younger.

And here’s the kicker – You could probably attend these classes for FREE!

You can see what the rules are for each state by clicking here.


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