10 Household Chores That Can Serve as Your Daily Workout

  • Household chores can burn as many calories as a gym workout.
  • Painting, car washing, and gardening are among the chores that can benefit many areas of our bodies.
  • Training your body by way of chores can make you leaner and resistant to injury.

Cleaning or gardening may not be the ideal pastimes, but did you know these can be an equivalent of doing a gym session? Moreover, doing chores can burn more calories than you think. The rotational movement of our bodies imitate the motions of daily activities.

Here are 10 chores that are best for working out certain areas of the body, according to Pete Williams, a NASM certified personal trainer.

1. Painting

A signature part of Mr. Miyagi’s program in The Karate Kid, it is a killer workout even if you’re not doing martial arts. Rotational movements, overhead pressing, squatting and stretching are all involved.

Use a well-balanced ladder and minimize straining your neck by properly positioning your body or ladder.

2. Car Washing and Waxing

Mr. Miyagi had Daniel LaRusso wash and wax his cars for hours. Who knew wax-on-wax-off would actually burn calories? This movement opens up your shoulders and strengthens the stabilizing muscles on the shoulders.

Don’t do both movements in one direction. Go clockwise and counterclockwise to work your muscles in all 3 planes of motion.

3. Power Washing

No amount of vibration training could equal the benefits of a few hours of power washing. While steadily holding a hose with 2,400 PSI, you get the many benefits of painting such as overhead lifting, squatting and others. Set aside a full day for this activity and use ear protection.

4. Vacuuming

Not only do we break into a sweat while doing this tough workout, moving heavy furniture around while pushing the vacuum extends the lats and works the triceps.

Whether lifting a barbell or heavy furniture, you use the same squatting positions.

5. Tree Pruning and Cutting

Whether you use an electric or manual saw, overhead motions are employed. This is a first-rate lat workout rarely employed in gyms.

Call in professionals if you have to be on a ladder with a chainsaw. Otherwise, maintain a firm stance to protect your lower back.

6. Raking leaves

Though a simple task, it works your body across 3 planes of motion.

Use proper squatting positions to bag the leaves and rake from both sides to execute equal use of your muscles.

7. Mulching

Though a seasonal task, mulching is a full-body workout. Except for hauling weights, the movements hit the same muscles as raking leaves.

8. Weeding

An hour of pulling stubborn weeds involves rotational and twisting movements that challenge your upper body.

Get a better grip and avoid blisters by wearing quality gloves and long-sleeved shirts. For comfort, place a pad under your knees.

9. Cleaning the Garage

This can be a 90-minute workout that affects all muscles from head to toe by lifting, pushing and pulling stuff.

10. Fence Removal

Occasionally done, it’s one of the most brutal full-body workouts.  Digging out fence posts anchored with 40+ pounds of concrete, carrying and loading into a truck are all involved.

Employ proper squatting techniques to raise posts out of the ground.

Source: Men’s Journal

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